ORANGE TIP: Re-Creation

ORANGE TIP: Re-Creation

What do you do for recreation?

I was struck this week by the blindingly obvious (that happens for me sometimes). I was out on my bike and had the thought that I was “recreating”. But re-creating what? Into what?

As Christians we believe we are created by God, in God’s image. We also recognise that because of sin we are imperfect, distorted versions of what God created us to be. Through Jesus death and resurrection we are ‘re-born’ into a new life and we get to live our life here, in the rest of God’s creation, in a way that reflects the image of God to all of God’s creation around us.

We all take part in what we call “recreation” and I wonder if we are intentional in recognising that indeed ‘recreation’ does ‘re-create’ us. The question then becomes; Are we being ‘re-created’ to be more in God’s image or less? Are the choices we make in what we do for recreation – and, importantly, how we do it – transforming us by the renewing of our minds, or conforming us to the patterns of this world (Rom. 12:2)?

As you take part in whatever you do for recreation are you willing to ask yourself;

Does the way I engage in this activity make me more like the person God has created me to be?
Does the way I engage in this activity help me to live a life that matches the way Jesus taught us to live?
Does the way I engage in this activity help me to more clearly hear the Holy Spirit’s leading?

As we model this to our kids we can help them have a healthy understanding of God’s purpose for recreation in our lives to transform us.

What is ‘Orange’? Orange is a visual reminder that to help our kids follow Jesus the church and families need to work together.

If RED represents the love and heart of families for their kids…

And YELLOW represents the light that the church should be in the world…

Then ORANGE is when we come together, work together and guide our children together.


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