Religious Instruction: addressing the God-shaped hole

Religious Instruction: addressing the God-shaped hole

I recently read an article by David Tacey in Dialogue Australiasia (a magazine for teachers of Religious Education) where he discussed how the secular world in which we live has tried to ignore, resist and fight against the religious component of our humanity. However, at the end of the day, there is a spiritual part of us that we simply cannot ignore. People try to fill this God-shaped hole with many different things: family, friends, work or hobbies. But ultimately, none of these things can fill a hole that only Jesus was designed to fill.

As a teacher of Religious Education, I see daily how important it is to help equip young people with the information and skills required to make informed decisions regarding their faith. They are crying out to know how to fill that God-shaped hole. We currently have an excellent opportunity to assist this process through the Religious Instruction program that exists within our schools. Who knows how long we will continue to be able to speak to students openly about who Jesus is and what he has done for them? While you might not be capable of being involved in this program in a hands on manner, your prayers of support and words of encouragement to those that are involved are invaluable.

We all need the opportunity to consider what we believe and why we believe it. How might you be able to support this opportunity for our students in our schools?


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