Rhonda’s baptism testimony

Rhonda's baptism testimony

I was baptised at a Brisbane Church of Christ when I was 13 but I think it was more because I thought it was the thing to do rather than a full commitment as it is meant to be.

In 1991, I had been married for 17 years and then God used the Jehovah Witnesses to spark my lost interest in Him.  I walked away from the church when I was 16.  I have to admit, I was one of the better scoffers over my years in the wilderness.  I realised what I was missing and I became a closet Christian.  My husband at the time would not allow the kids or I to go to church, or even mention God in the house.  He would rip up my bibles.  After 10 years of this treatment, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  I said to God I can’t do this anymore and deal with my condition too.  After much prayer I finally ended my marriage of 27 years.  After such a difficult decision, God blessed me abundantly.  I started going to church and still come here today.  I chose to surrender myself to Him.  I was like a sponge – couldn’t get enough of him.

I feel joy a lot these days – I have a funny story about joy.  When I had been dating Wayne for a while, one day he mentioned that he had been missing Joy in his life.  Well, I said “Guess what my middle name is?”  Joy.   Quite amusing and a bit of a standing joke now.  I used to hate Joy as a middle name but I hold it precious now.  I belong to God and I appreciate it so much.  It is a gentle reminder.  We have a choice everyday when we wake what our attitude is going to be for that day.  I choose to be joyous.  Even when things don’t go as they are expected to, I just rely on my God to give me joy and peace and comfort and patience.   I know He is beside me and goes through life with me.  I just have to let Him.

When I was married before I was not allowed to go to church, or to take your children to kids church, I was not allowed to speak about God at all or  associate with my Christian  friends.  The only thing I could do was to  hide a Bible or devotional and sneak it when possible.  But there was  one thing I could  do and that was to  pray.  How do you think you would feel if that was you?  That was in my past.  I believe it is such a priviledge to have such freedom now. I feel like a kid in a candy store.  God blessed me more than I could hope for.   God led Wayne and I to become friends for 6 years.  I had been happily single for 12 years and even though I was unaware of God’s plan at the time, we fell in love and married nearly three years ago.  I can quite confidently say I am happily married this time.  God is the centre of our marriage. As for my MS, it is now benign, I haven’t had an attack for years.

So today, I publicly show my commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ in front of my brothers and sisters in Christ.


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