Rita’s baptism testimony

Rita's baptism testimony

God is my Saviour.  He loves me with an everlasting love.

I lived in Cairns for 30 years with my family.  My most precious life was with my husband and my 2 children.  We had everything we wanted.  All we thought, we did it all – a very luxurious life.  Those days we had no time to go to church or even honour the Lord.  At the age of 55, we retired.  Suddenly my husband got sick and passed away.  He had skin cancer.  My life seemed to be finished.  Fear gripped me.  I had no clue what and how I will live.  Having no family of mine, I had to turn to my 2 sisters-in-law who live on the Gold Coast.  Sell all and move was my nightmare.

I just prayed and asked God for help.  Asking forgiveness from God is good.  God is always there for us.  So here I am in Helensvale.  First I went to the Baptist Church.  There I found all lovely people.  My son joined Crossroads.  I am so grateful that I found the Lord my Saviour.

I desire to know Him, serve Him dearly all the days He has planned for my live.  I surrender all.

Praise the Lord.


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