Ron’s Baptism Testimony

Ron’s Baptism Testimony

I was born during the depression in 1935 in Mt Morgan, a gold mining town west of Rockhampton.  My Father worked for the main roads in Central Queensland and a tent was our home for 10 years.  With the constant moving of camps my schooling was a hit and miss affair.  My Parents were not church going people except for baptisms and marriages.  I was baptised in the Presbyterian Church and later married in the Presbyterian Church at the age of 17.  At 20 years old, having done numerous jobs and having had two daughters we, as a family moved to Brisbane and stayed together for 20 years.

After a short stint as a Rubbish man for Hunter Brothers I  joined the Brisbane Firebrigade and was there for 26 years before being transferred to the Gold Coast Area in 1984.   I met Angela around this time and realised that God had a hand in this.

We were married in 1997, I retired at 65, after 42 years service, and set up a lawn mowing business until Angela  retired in 2006.  We then went round Australia and when we returned to the coast Angela was able to start going to Church here as her work at the weekends had ceased.  After Angela had been coming here to church for approximately a year or so she asked me to come to the Carol service at Christmas and from then on I realised that the church family were very friendly and caring .

Among this family was Graham and Ailsa who initially help guide my steps along the path with Graham coming to our house to explain God’s word and reading the bible with us.  We joined their home group where I was helped further to know and accept Christ into my life.  I would also like to mention my appreciation of Geoff and Merrilyn for their time spent with us doing a study bible course.

I cannot tell you when I really asked God in to my life to forgive my sins but I now know He has, through his Son’s crucifixion and resurrection, nor can I tell you when I started realizing that his Spirit is now with me, but I know now He is.  I also realise that God is a God of love because of Jesus and I wanted to be baptised to recognise my spiritual rebirth and my faith in Him.


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