Shadowing Jesus – New Sermon Series

Shadowing Jesus - New Sermon Series

On Sunday’s we will be starting a new preaching series ‘Shadowing Jesus’ as he walks to the cross.

On Ash Wednesday millions of Christians throughout the world receive a cross of ashes on their foreheads to identify with Christ on this journey, this is a great and noble goal.

Ashes are what’s left over when something is burnt. Out of ashes, new things grow.

Ashes are used as a symbol of being sorry for the hurtful and selfish things we’ve done and a reminder that God can renew all things that aren’t as they should be.

Some people will take up something this Lent that help them to shift their priorities away from themselves and help them to focus on God and on others. Some will give up chocolate or social media for example, and take up calling loved ones more often or further prayer and devotional time. Whatever it is, this can be a helpful practice and discipline.

With this in mind we are encouraging all who call CrossLife home to join us on a devotional journey through Luke’s gospel using ‘Lent for Everyone’ by N. T Wright as something we might take up.

The book can be purchased here or at a number of other online or local book dealers.

I will be also personally will be going through through Matthew’s ‘Lent for Everyone’ by N.T Wright using the YouVersion bible app that can be downloaded by using the links here on your preferred device.

The link for this FREE digital plan can be found here. Both devotional plans are great and cover similar content.

My prayer for us as we begin this journey of Lent is that we would walk closely with Jesus and abide in His words. Dale Lennon (HV Campus Pastor)


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