Sunday meetings your questions answered…

Sunday meetings your questions answered...

Some people have asked questions about the details of how we are running our Sunday meetings now. Please read our ‘FAQ’ (‘Frequently Asked Questions’)


Who do I need to register for? Just myself or my whole family?

When registering please register for yourself and all your household members that are attending with you.

When do I need to register by?

It would help the admin teams if everyone has registered by lunchtime on Friday but if this is not possible, registrations will be open until Sunday morning.

What if I forget to register?

We are encouraging pre-registration to ensure Sunday mornings flow easier and quicker getting into the service and to ensure we do not go over our numbers. However, if it is your allocated week you may still attend but you will have to fill in your details when you arrive at the service. Please be aware however that if you arrive and we have already reached our limit of attendees then we will be unable to accommodate you. We have allocated an additional 10 spaces each week to accommodate newcomers.

97 +10 = Upper Coomera

80 + 10 = Helensvale

80 + 10 = Southport

Do I have to register if I am on the roster?

Yes – Those that are on the roster each week MUST still register your attendance so we can keep a live track/tally of number on the day so we do not go over our venue limit.

I am wanting to bring along friends and or extra family members, will there be enough room for them?

Friends, family and newcomers are always more than welcome and we ask that you register them as you would yourself so we can keep a track/tally of all registrations.


What if I am sick or cannot make it the week I am on the roster?

Please liaise with someone else in your group to swap or fill in for you. Contact Details will be on the roster and rosters will be sent to all team members.

What if I forget what I am supposed to be doing?

Volunteer Instructions for all areas will be emailed to the relevant teams.

Copies of volunteer instructions will be in a folder marked “volunteer instructions”.

Upper Coomera = on one of the shelves of the Welcome Desk.

Helensvale = in the cupboard under the admin front counter.

What if I have further questions or if I have feedback? Who do I contact?

Please contact your campus admin on
Upper Coomera =
Helensvale =
Southport =


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