Sustainable Church planting … or church seeding?

Sustainable Church planting … or church seeding?

At CrossLife we are committed to what has been called ‘church planting’. We have started this with our Highland Reserve campus, and are looking to promote and enhance other new churches in various forms and ways.

But there is one word that sums up our approach to church planting – sustainability. We want to see new churches started that last – not one year, or five years or even 20 years, but decades into the future. And we want them to be so sustainable that they are then able to start other new churches!

You could say we want our church ‘plants’ to become ‘trees’!!

But this raised a really good discussion in a recent meeting with a member of staff: is it church planting? Or church seeding? Now you can use ‘plant’ as both a verb and a noun (as you can the word ‘seed’), however we found that our commitment to sustainable new churches meant that they don’t start as plants, rather they start as seeds! As seeds are planted in the ground they grow to become plants, and if well nourished, then they can become trees.

In the same way we seeded a church at Highland Reserve and are seeking to nourish it and see it blossom as it grows as part of CrossLife, so it too can become self-sustaining and send out more seeds which become plants and then become trees for centuries to come or until the Lord Jesus comes back.

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Matt Hunt is the Lead Pastor at CrossLife.

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