The Rubber Pipe

The Rubber Pipe

Suppose you were walking along on a bush track and you came across a piece of rubber 50mm diameter and 300mm long such that it looked like a hose or pipe.

One thing you would conclude is that it was made. That it did not just happen all by itself. That for it to be made there was cause. Put another way, things don’t happen without there being a reason.

But another thing you would process is that this piece of pipe must have had a function. But clearly, out on the bush track, it would be impossible for it to be of any use. Rubbish is all that it could be considered as being.

So let us change the story a little. Say the rubber hose is one that goes from the engine of a car to the radiator. Just another inanimate object without a cause and if found on the bush track and one that could not fulfill its purpose.

Now picture all the other parts of your car engine. All lying out there in the bush. What is the one way that all of these parts, if they were of the same plan, could assemble themselves into an engine?

Not ever going to happen I hear you say.

So why is it that inanimate chemicals can suddenly become living without a cause? And as hard as scientists have tried (oops, they introduced a cause) realise that such chemicals cannot be formed with our atmosphere or in a laboratory. The same atmosphere that sustains all the life we know. And that is before considering that many of these proteins (chemicals) must co-exist and fit a plan, like for a human to form a basic functioning unit. Oh, and what happens to the car engine if you take one key part away? It dies. In the same way there is a minimum number of proteins must that be present for a cell to exist.

The basic unit (engine) of life is the single cell. Now I am sorry to do this to you but there is no other way to show you the magnificence of Gods design and his impact upon human history as seen from the micro level of life. Have a look at these videos by searching for them in your web browser and ask yourself how much more complicated and advanced is this self-replicating unit ahead of the simple car engine

“DNA – God’s amazing programming”;  evidence for his existence

“Creation Genetics & Adam Our Ancestor”. Detailed but mind blowing). – but God using Science to show us world history)

We get fed so many lies, counterfeits that are masquerading as truth. You owe it to yourself to see that God is the great designer. From these proteins comes all the information to make a very unique you, complete with all the emotions, gifts and abilities to live life abundantly. Next time you see a piece of pipe or a car engine just ask yourself – where is the designer and manufacturer?



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