The Worlds way of Thinking

The Worlds way of Thinking

Suppose you were walking through a natural bushland setting and you came across a spark plug from a car engine. What would you think? That it was made by someone or it just assembled itself over time? I think most people would choose the first option.

What use is a spark plug here? What possible function could it have? Some car engines have up to 1400 parts that are necessary for it to function. Without them the spark plug is useless. So would you think a car engine was made by someone or just assembled itself over time into such a precision and well-tuned machine that we use today?

No-one would ever expect that a spark plug would lie on the ground and survive in pristine order for millions of years waiting for another 1,399 perfectly made and fitted components to turn up and assemble themselves in the correct functioning structure.

The human cell in your body contains some of the most complex structures (protein molecules) known to man. Pick DNA which contains all the information necessary to build from a single cell all the differentiated parts of your body. Each one of them has so much complexity that it makes a spark plug look like a single speck of sand. But like the car engine the DNA is but one molecule of 28 that is found inside the human cell. And it takes each one of these molecules for the cell (engine) to work properly.

And even more amazingly the cell can replace itself with new cells. Show me a car engine that can replicate itself. There is so much information in the human cell that most medical researchers tody focus on the discovery and function of this information. No evolution believer can even begin to tell you where the information came from. It is too hard for them to contemplate.

The bottom line is. The world chooses to not believe in a Divine Creator. So it puts faith in the inanimate and the impossible. Because we are bombarded with this evolution theory in our schools and universities our common sense gets pushed aside for the man centred agenda that wants to ignore the Creator God.

The best belief system is one that recognises the cause behind an assembled cell and the vast source of information held inside the cell that enables life to exist and then recreate itself.

Seriously, what do you reckon? We just happened or we were wonderfully constructed.


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