The two year old lassie was bawling her eyes out when I picked her up and set her on her feet. Of course, her Mum was there in a flash to begin restoring normality to her small world.

Nurse X had called my name and as I went forward for my Annual Health Assessment, this tiny girl shot in front of me and I walked right over the top of her. Fortunately she wasn’t hurt. Her Mum and I exchanged profuse apologies and I moved on to Nurse X.

“Good morning Mr. Cranston,” said Nurse X, “I see you are still beating up on little kids!” I realized my earlier chat with reception had been passed on. 

(Reception:- Would it be OK for Nurse X to do your Assessment given she’s a friend of yours?  We’re really short staffed today.

Me:- Sure, better the Devil you know than the one you don’t aye.)

That Assessment was one of the more interesting I have experienced, however, I couldn’t get my mind off that little girl…you see Jesus said, Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matt 18:3

Someone has said, “Small children are attractive because they are the nearest to holiness one sees in this life.” Their innocence is spontaneous and natural. Not the result of moral choice of will but an intrinsic part of their being. They are transparent because they have not yet learned duplicity. They are happy to be humble and to be known as they are; unsuspicious, trusting, loving, empathetic.  

Why must we be like that? Because to be in any other state means we are not honest or humble or right-motivated enough to receive the Salvation Jesus offers through faith in his death and resurrection or to follow him as his disciples.

There could be a real blessing in reading the whole of Matthew ch 18.

Ps. I saw them again on the way out and got the most beautiful smile ever from Miss Two. Seems she had completely forgiven me.


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