We are here to help you flourish and live life well!  We find that life can throw us curve balls all the time. Whether we are parents, kids, students, the boss or neighbours down the street, tough times come along.  At CrossLife we try to help each other struggle well with life.  A way of living that is founded on following Jesus, who came “to give life and give it to the fullest” (John 10:10)

Please join us at CrossLife at any of our campuses, or groups and we hope you will find something of the wonder of God’s love and life through the Lord Jesus together with us!


A church is a not a building. It’s a gathering of a community of people. People who see the best way to live now, and forever, is with Jesus as the King of their life. You could say walking arm-in-arm with Jesus as they live.

God loves us so much that he is not distant from us in our joy or our pain. He walks with us. Our problem is that we want to walk alone, thinking the best life is when we live strong, independent and self-reliant lives. We celebrate the celebrity who does it alone, the athlete who wins against all odds, and the business woman who gets back on top through her own expertise and efforts.

But we couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, our independent streak keeps us from living life at its best. It keeps us from our Creator God and His way of struggling well with life. He loves us so much that he sent Jesus to live, die and rise again to deal with our independent streak, our sin, as the Bible calls it, and so give us forgiveness and life.

People at CrossLife live divinely forgiven lives as we struggle well with life in a world that is remarkably self-focused, where Jesus is only seen as significant figure of history, rather than the key to forgiveness and life. We seek to desire and honour God, to declare the wonder of Jesus, and to develop and care for our families, our local communities, our church family, and our country and world.

Jesus said “I came to give life and give it to the full”. When you come to any of our CrossLife campuses we hope you meet authentic people who are seeking to walk arm in arm together and with God as we struggle well with life. We hope you sense something divine amongst us that is palpable and inviting. We hope that we live and speak to you and each other in such a way that you see and hear Jesus and might join with us in finding the best way to live, and die, by following Him!!


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