Walking Arm in Arm

Walking Arm in Arm

A church is not a building. Nor does it exist just during a formal Sunday service. The church is the people of God. At CrossLife our priority is help people be the church wherever they are whether
in formal ministries of the church or in their own lives every minute of every day. Being God’s children doesn’t change. We are always the church. To belong to CrossLife means to live with Jesus as King of our whole life.

We call it walking arm-in-arm with God. To do this well we will walk arm-in-arm with one another, as we do life together. We will spur each other on to walk arm-in-arm
with our world, influencing our world with God’s kingdom characteristics. And we will be committed to inviting individuals on our journey with him; we will ask them to “walk with me.”

Please join us at CrossLife at any of our campuses or groups. We hope you will find something of the wonder of God’s love and life through the Lord Jesus as we walk arm-in-arm.

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