Well Done Good and Faithful Servant

Well Done Good and Faithful Servant

Two weeks ago Ken Martin was able to attend our church service for the first time in 2 years – almost to the day. While I wasn’t there that day due to being in isolation, I was able chat to Ken the following week when he came back for service number 2 …. and we gave each other a huge hug. The hug wasn’t because we hadn’t seen each other over that two years, I had seen him numerous times as he recovered from his stroke, but because it was a joy to have him physically present at our campus gathering once more. He has missed us as much as we had missed him.

There were many joyful things about that day, but two things stood out to me most:

When interviewed in the service, Ken was asked what had God been doing through the hardship of the past two years. He responded that God had been turning him into a prayer warrior and teaching him how to pray. That was incredible. For those of you who know Ken, you know how active he was prior to his stroke – teaching RI, walks, well connected in his community. He would say he had his struggles during that two years of inactivity and dependence (and still does!) but he saw what God was doing through this suffering and leveraged it for the greater good – praying for others. Romans 8:28 is no cliché for Ken – God has brought about a resurrection moment for him – good from bad.

Secondly, what I love about Ken is his love for being a part of the gathered saints. Every Sunday is special for Ken. Every Sunday a privilege. Sometimes we can get forget what an incredible privilege it is to come together and join with other saints in singing, opening the Word, conversing, encouraging, praying for each other and glorifying God as we do. We can take it for granted. The reality is with the Holy Spirit in us and guiding us…. No Sunday gathering is ordinary. Every time I chat to Ken and see that gratitude in his eyes, I’m reminded of that.                                                    
Thanks be to God for his grace.


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