What does the Lord require?

What does the Lord require?

In my office I have a blackboard that I originally bought with the intention of writing verses on each week or month to be an encouragement for me. The first verse I wrote on it was Micah 6:8. That was about 18 months ago and it’s still there today!

I’ve kept it there, not because I haven’t gotten around to changing it, but because it is a constant reminder to me that both in my workplace, and in the people I encounter, I should act justly, love mercy and walk humbly.

I was reflecting recently that while I strive to live a Micah 6:8 life in my workplace, I probably don’t put enough effort into behaving that way in my home.

We now have Micah 6:8 framed on the wall in our living area as a reminder to our whole family to treat each other justly, with mercy and to be humble. We don’t always make choices that align with that, but the reminder is helpful.

I encourage you to find a verse that is an encouragement to you and yours and put it somewhere that you will see it regularly as a reminder of who you are and who God is calling you to be.


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