What is Swearing About

What is Swearing About

In Readers Digest article a mother writes “I was pushing my child of three and half down the supermarket aisle, he was standing in the shopping trolley, when he screams at the elderly lady with her trolley blocking the aisle. ‘Pick a @#& lane lady’. You could hear a pin drop”.

So when I came across a recent newsfeed that said 74% of Australian women swear in front of their children. And you would think a similarly high number of fathers. It makes you wonder how these parents will fare as the children move into puberty and beyond when the parents reap what they have sown.

So I was thinking that as a youngster I was told swearing was bad. No-one was saying exactly what it was or why it was bad. You had to work that out through trial and error.

All swearing is disrespectful in one way or another. From not just caring what another person feels to directing abuse at a person. And therefore, disregarding that person and reducing their worth. Or to use todays buzzword – “bullying” at the least. And I would include in this swearing category words like repeatedly saying to a person they are an “idiot”. Repeated swearing at a person changes their self- worth forever. And often in ways that are very deep and debilitating.

Certainly TV shows, movies, our sporting stars, society leaders and many others are taking swearing further each year into the public sphere and sending the message that you are not cool unless you swear. This is a race to the bottom.

Many schools in our area have included in their set of values the word Respect. Now when I was younger this would not have been in the top of the list. This is because children were taught a different set of manners which barely exist today. But how can the schools ever have a chance to succeed at teaching Respect when 74% of parents are being disrespectful of their own family members.

The decision concerning the power of our words lies with us. The words that we speak reflect our hearts and our attitude. Words have power to breathe Life and encouragement or to breathe Death and discouragement.

The scripture says, “The tongue has the power of life and death” Pro 18:21a


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