What is Truth?

What is Truth?

So, would you like a story?   I thought so.   Here we go….

Once upon a time there were two brothers; their mother died when the elder was three and the younger just a baby.  As their dad could only care for the elder, his baby brother was cared for by his aunt on the other side of town.

The father remarried but still the younger remained with his aunt, who eventually adopted him as her own son.  So the two grew, each aware of the other but living lives separated by the difficulty of travel and the hard times of WW2.

The elder was led to believe that his dad’s new wife was his mother and his brother was his cousin.  The younger was told the truth of his mother’s death and his adoption and who his father was. He was sad for a few days but suffered no long term effects from knowing the truth.

These two different scenarios survived until the brothers both attended the same college; the elder in his last year, the younger in his first.  The bubble burst when a form teacher mentioned to the elder that he had his younger brother in his class.  “He’s not my brother, he’s my cousin!” was the explosive response.

Arriving home, the elder ran into an older step brother and told him his cousin was passing himself off as his brother.     “Well, actually he is your brother.”    And he told him the whole story.

Discovering this deception at the age of seventeen all but destroyed the elder.    In fact he was sixty before he was finally able to resolve the hurt in his mind and find real peace again.

So, hold on to your integrity with both hands for it is a basic tenant of Christian living, without which our/your Christianity is absolutely nothing.

So, what is truth?   Truth is freedom.

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Jesus Jn 8:31

                (And just remember the opposite is also true, that deception will bring you bondage.)


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