ORANGE TIP OF THE WEEK: Where did you get your parenting qualification?

ORANGE TIP OF THE WEEK: Where did you get your parenting qualification?

Where did you get your parenting qualification?

Yeah, same here. I never passed. In fact, I couldn’t find the university that offered that qualification.

I figured I’d have to learn on the job.

After a few years of having toddlers I thought I might have been just starting to get the hang of it. Then I realised I didn’t have toddlers anymore!

Once I’d gotten one kid through primary school and into high school I thought maybe I was getting the hang of it. But then the next one was completely different!

Two sons managed to get through high school relatively unscathed – I thought maybe I knew what I was doing – Now I have a daughter learning to survive in the world of clearasil, cliques and cyber-bullying and I don’t know my TLAs^ from my FLAs^^ – NTTAWWT!^^^

And soon enough – no rush though – there will be grandchildren. Maybe then I’ll feel like I’m the expert and can start giving helpful advice (I’m sure that will go down well).

The thing is we are all struggling through the challenges of parenting and feeling out of our depth.

Just the other day though, someone was kind enough to tell me that they thought I was a good parent.
That’s the second time in 20 years I’ve heard that.

Either they were wrong and I’m a terrible parent, or we don’t encourage each other enough.
We don’t say anything when we see someone doing a great job of parenting.

As a church family we can help each other. We can ‘catch’ each other doing a good job – and say something.

Here’s a few tips on how;

Be real. Don’t just say ‘great job’ if you don’t mean it.
Be concrete. Notice something specific and be specific in your encouragement. Don’t generalise.
Be humble. Don’t encourage someone as a sneaky way to give them advice. “You did a great job, but If I was you I’d…”.
Be thoughtful. Think before speaking. How will this be received. How do I say this in a way that will be heard as I mean it.
Be a listener. Leave room for the person to respond, but don’t feel like you have ‘fix’ or ‘rescue’. We are on this journey together!

Oh and BTW –

^Three Letter Acronym
^^Four Letter Acronym
^^^Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

What is ‘Orange’? Orange is a visual reminder that to help our kids follow Jesus the church and families need to work together.

If RED represents the love and heart of families for their kids…

And YELLOW represents the light that the church should be in the world…

Then ORANGE is when we come together, work together and guide our children together.


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