Why do we Worship?

Why do we Worship?

I can’t always put my finger on it, but on some occasions it seems our corporate worship is missing something. Yet on the other hand, there are times where there is a rich engagement between the believer and God. Why is this the case? There are most likely a myriad of reasons, but this week I was struck by Psalm 150, and I think it gives us some clues.

If you read through the last section of Psalms, it actually reads like a crescendo of praise. The climax of this crescendo is Psalm 150. Verses 1-2 read as follows:

‘Praise Him in His mighty heavens.
Praise Him for His acts of power;
Praise the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary;
Praise Him for His surpassing greatness…’

Here in verse 2 lies an important point; ‘Praise him for his acts of power’. Our praise and worship should be a response to who God is and what He has done. This is a critical aspect of worship that perhaps sometimes we inadvertently miss. Why are we praising God? Because He is great and has done awesome things! There is no greater act of God than Christ dying in our place, and rising back to life!

This week, as you worship God in your week, and as we gather together as believers, may we praise God for His acts of power and His surpassing greatness. My suspicion is that when we do this, we are on the right path to a rich and encouraging engagement with God.


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