Without a doubt… this is for YOU!

Without a doubt… this is for YOU!

I decided to write about this at the beginning of the week, yet as the week progressed, and as is typical of me, I began to doubt myself. “Is this really what you want me to share Lord?” I asked as I sought inspiration in one of my “on again – off again” daily devotionals.

I could see that the author had been, like me, desiring to move on with God and desiring to see Him do greater things. He shared how God’s spirit had spoken to him in his seeking. There in inverted commas were words along the lines of what God had spoken to me… So listen up people, because I know without a doubt, this is for YOU.

A few months back during a worship song at church, I was basking in God’s presence soaking up the words “He took the fall, and thought of me above all”. Wow! I felt close to Him, truly loved and special… and then his spirit spoke to mine…”What about you Pam? Are you willing to think of me ABOVE ALL? Are you willing to take the fall for me?”

What a challenge, I know he was asking me if I would walk in obedience, if I was willing to take the fall, to risk being wrong, to risk being ridiculed or being rejected, to step out in spite of my fear and in spite of my pride. He was asking me to put Him first in all things, above my family (my parents, my spouse, my children…yes I did just say that… read Luke 14:26… that’s how much more we should love Him). Above myself, my comfort, my need to be loved and accepted by others, and my need for security in things other than Him.

I have told Him that I want nothing more than to please Him in this way, yet as I have sought to do this, it has not been an easy journey, and something my beautiful mum used to say has become not just theory but a reality to me “there is nothing so excruciating as the sound of a dying ego”.

As God peels back the layers of self, it is painful, humbling and yet so freeing. Letting go of anger, irritation, pride, self-righteousness, fear and anxiety… and receiving so much more in return.

I challenge you today to take the fall for Jesus, to put him first ABOVE ALL.

He deserves it, He desires it and indeed He commands it (Luke 10:27)
… And… He wants nothing but the best for you



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