YOUTH… Exciting changes

YOUTH... Exciting changes

There are some changes happening for Term 4 that we are excited to let you know about!

Firstly, The Journey will be back at each of the campuses and will go into term 4 with a focus on how we ‘Walk With The World’.

Youth for term 4 is going to be very exciting with a full calendar of exciting events planned – check out the calendar attached to this email.

We will also be trialling opening term 4 to Year-6s as a taster for stepping up to youth next year (see the attached letter). If you have a year-6 student and have any questions or concerns about them being involved in youth please contact Dean, Hannah, or Scott. We will also be introducing a ‘Nite-Shift’ program for year 10,11,12 students. This will be an opportunity to hang out a bit later after our normal youth program to chat and have fun together…


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